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Lucy Stephenson

Lucy first started teaching in 1998 in the wilds of Cambridge as a primary school teacher after a vibrant undergraduate life.  She has also taught for the stage and screen school ‘Whizz Kiddettes’ as well as being a specialist English and Drama teacher.   As one continent has never been enough, she has also taught in New Zealand.  Throughout her teaching career, providing opportunities for children to take to the stage have never been missed whether with the traditional school play, speech and drama competitions or extra – curricular Drama clubs.    Comfortable, happy children who know they can underpins Lucy’s work: Drama offers so much more than the sheer joy of performing, rather it also offers the opportunity to develop confidence, essential speaking and listening skills as well as a practical approach to team work.  The skills developed with Parsnips are a gift for life!

Favourite performer: Dame Maggie Smith (jolly difficult to choose!) 

Favourite Play: The Importance of Being Ernest

Favourite Film: Dead Poet’s Society

Favourite Quote: ‘Some aunts are tall, some aunts are not tall, that is a matter that surely an aunt may be allowed to decide for herself.’ (Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Ernest)

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