Parsnip Term dates 2021 – 2022




Wednesday 8th September                          4.15pm, 5pm and 7pm classes start back


Monday 13th September                              4.15pm Harborough and 7pm Uppingham classes start back


Tuesday 14th September                             4.15pm class starts back


Thursday 16th September                           4.15pm class starts back


Friday 17th September                                 4pm Uppingham class starts back


Monday 18th October –

Friday 22nd October                                      HALF TERM HARBOROUGH


Monday 18th October –

Friday 29th October                                      HALF TERM UPPINGHAM


Sunday 21st November                               WED 5PM CLASS DRESS REHEARSAL


Thursday 25th –

Saturday 27th November                            WED 5PM CLASS SHOW


Friday 17th December                                  BREAK UP FOR CHRISTMAS




Tuesday 4th January                                     PARSNIPS OPENS


Monday 14th February –

Friday 18th February                                    HALF TERM ALL CLASSES


Sunday 27th February                                 MON 4.15PM AND WED 7PM DRESS REHEARSAL


Thursday 3rd –

Saturday 5th March                                     MON 4.15PM AND WED 7PM SHOW


Monday 4th April                                           UPPINGHAM EASTER HOLIDAYS


Friday 8th April                                              HARBOROUGH EASTER HOLIDAYS


Monday 18th April                                         UPPINGHAM CLASSES START BACK


Monday 25th April                                         HARBOROUGH CLASSES START BACK


Monday 2nd May                                            BANK HOLIDAY  - NO CLASSES


Monday May 30th

-Friday 3rd June                                             HALF TERM ALL CLASSES


Sunday 5th June                                            TUES AND THURS CLASSES DRESS REHEARSAL


Thursday 9th –

Saturday 11th June                                       TUES AND THURS CLASSES SHOW


 Monday 11th July                                         SUMMER HOLIDAYS


UPPINGHAM SHOW - 13 & 14th May, 2022 - UCC Drama Studio 7pm start.  Dress rehearsal - Sat 7th May 10am - 3pm in the drama studio