Cancelled lessons

From time to time (but thankfully not often!) we are forced to cancel lessons due to unforeseen circumstances.  In the event of a cancellation we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible by email.  Up to date information can be found on our Facebook page and below, so it's always worth checking in, especially when the weather's bad!

Dear Parsnips, parents and friends, 


It is with a heavy heart that I have to confirm, what I'm sure you already know, that Parsnips will be closing it's doors after today's session in Uppingham. If you can't make it tonight, could you let me know so I'm sure whether it's worth running? Thank you. 


The two weeks of fees that have already been paid will be taken off the next invoice we send out. Either the summer or Autumn term depending on when we start up again. 


I am so sad not to be seeing you all each week, you make my life a sunnier place to be and I will miss you all very much. 


I hope that you all stay safe, stay healthy and are able to enjoy time with your family, time to do all the little things you run out of the space for in every day life, time to cook and walk and read and listen to music. 


For those of you who have had your SATS, GCSE and A level exams affected (students and teachers alike), my heart goes out to you. I know how devastating it must be (I saw it first hand with a few of you). I know how disconcerting it must also be to not know what's going to happen next, and have the grown ups not know either. I know it's little comfort, but try and remember that it was still all worth it. Every friendship you made, every experience you had, every time you learnt something new, every moment you achieved something you thought impossible, has a greater value that it must seem at the moment. None of it was wasted time. 


Thank you to all of you who have sent messages of support and to the amazing students who have been so inspirational in the face of the unknown. We love you all. 


It is a funny feeling to be closing down (briefly I hope) after eighteen and a half years of continuous drama and fun. I'm a little concerned that when this is all over someone's going to discover me in my garage dressed up in several costumes, waving around a light sabre and telling a couple of mannequins to stop talking during each others performances.... I really will miss you.


I should also confirm that I will be postponing the upcoming shows (Dr What's Excellent Adventure, The Keeper of the Fairytales and The Last Library) until further notice. We just won't have enough time to rehearse even if we are back up and running after Easter. I know the kids will be disappointed and Lucy and I are too, but we will still work on the scripts during this time to be ready for when we return. At the time of writing this is a postponement not a cancellation.


My heartfelt thanks also to the incredible Lisa, fabulous Lucy, tremendous Becky, amazing Uma, superb Cleo, stunning Sarah and awesome Simon who send you their love too and will miss you as much as I will. They are the best team ever and I'm so grateful to them all. 


I'll be in touch periodically and may try and offer some online tutoring, games and exercises in the future - watch this space!! But for now, I'll simply say that I'll catch you all on the flip side. 


Go for it, risk it, follow your heart; Make life an adventure, make it an art - That's the tea sis.


Love and drama lovely Parsnips!!


Best and brightest wishes, 


Claire/Clarice/Mother Parsnip