In September 2017 three young film makers found themselves in a long forgotten village on the south coast of England. They were investigating a local mystery involving two retired pensioners who had gone on the run after vandalising several wheelie bins. The film makers were intending to create an evocative film on the growing disenfranchisement of the elderly in the hope of gaining more interest for their poorly subscribed YouTube channel. They arrived in the rural town of Droning on Wye by chance and found themselves intrigued by the strange village and it’s eccentric inhabitants. They never returned home. Two years later their footage was found... this is their story." Parsnips Youth Theatre is proud to present their hilarious new play. Them is a fast paced farce full of colourful characters, poignant themes and a mystery to be solved. Dr Stephen Eberhard and his assistant Dave compile the found footage during their lecture to the audience and try to make sense of what happened to Bobbie, Ashley and Ella. Why not join them for an evening you will never forget?