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Chattoway's Emporium

6th and 6th June (7.15pm curtain up) and 8th June (3pm curtain up). Harborough Theatre


Sam and Billy are out looking for a job, when they stumble upon Chattoway's Emporium, a shop they had never noticed before. Little could they know that on their first day would they find themselves thrown into a world that boggles the imagination. Minutes after arriving, they discover a girl named Posy trapped in a mirror begging them to join her. Hannah (one of Mr Chattoway's assistants) claims she has been put in there for good reason and can not be trusted, but Posy insists that Hannah is the true villain. As Posy and Hannah both tell them a story of magical boardgames, lost children and wild adventures, Sam and Billy try to decide who is telling the truth. But how do they know who to trust when both accounts are so different? This colourful, hilarious, and thought provoking new play from the young people at Parsnips Youth Theatre revels in what it is to be young, what it is to make mistakes and how important it is to have friends.

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Big Trouble in Drowsy Bottom

20th and 21st June 2024. 7pm curtain up. Octagonal Theatre


When three burglars break into a semi-detached house in a small village, in the middle of nowhere, Detective Cordelia Knight and Constable Ivan Theodore Thatcher are called in to catch the miscreants. However during their investigations they uncover a mystery more fantastical, horrific and intriguing than either one of them could ever have imagined. Will they ever get to the bottom of the mysterious murders in Drowsy Bottom? Will the burglars get away scot-free? Will they ever make it out with their sanity intact? One thing is for sure... this hilarious, fast-paced comedy from Parsnips Youth Theatre is not to be missed.

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