Coronavirus Update

Dearest Parsnips and Parents of Parsnips


I can not believe how long it's been since I've seen you all!! I just wanted to say how much I've missed our classes, the chats, the games, the stories and the laughter. I hope you've had an ok lockdown and have and been able to reconnect with family, take long walks, relax, read, rest or pick up hobbies you don't usually have time for. I do know though that it's been a really strange and difficult time for many and I'm sure some of you have felt anxious, stressed, closed in and isolated. Please know that I'm still always here for you all in any capacity and I hope that we can get back together in September and use the power of drama to work through all your feelings and experiences, the good and the bad. 


I want to give you a heads up on our provisional plans moving forward in September. I must stress however that everything detailed below is subject to change based on government advice, the r-rate and most importantly the health and well-being of you all and your families. You are my top priority always and I will make decisions based on what is best for you all. Any questions, worries or fears, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Track and Trace


The first and most important thing is that we need to be able to track and trace in the event of a member of the class being exposed to or diagnosed with the virus. Lisa has emailed everyone with an online form so that we can make sure we have the correct information for every member of Parsnips to be able to get in touch if we need to suspend a class. Please could you make sure you have all (even if we have previously had contact forms back from you) fill this in prior to September. 


If you are exposed, show symptoms or are tested positive it is imperative that you contact me immediately so that I can act on the information. Thank you. 


Classes from September


Our plan is to start back classes on September 7th 2020. However the current government guidelines for youth groups held indoors is that they should not exceed 15 students. For the Uppingham classes and the Wed 4.15pm class, this should mean they can re-start as normal. All other classes though exceed this size and in some cases are as large as 26. This will mean, unless the guidance changes, that we will have to split the classes in half for a time. We have several ideas on how to do this, but will wait until nearer the time to firm up any decisions in case the guidance shifts again. 




Sadly all performances for Parsnips will need to be on hold for the foreseeable future and potentially the next academic year. Again, we have some ideas on how to give you a performing "fix" on a smaller scale, but will have to wait and see what transpires before putting any plans in place. Regardless there will be no shows at least until 2021 and then only if we feel it is safe and advisable to do so. Please bear with us, I know it will be disappointing to many not to be on the big stage for a while, but we will be back eventually.


Which class are you in?


During the last term at Parsnips we usually firm up where everyone will be in the coming academic year. However we've been unable to do that this term. So... could you each let Lisa ( know which class you will be returning to in September whether you are remaining in the same group or not. This is just to help us organise registers and numbers. 


We need to know....

  1. If you will not be returning to Parsnips in September and no longer require a spot on the register (apart from anything else so I can say a proper goodbye to you as I would normally have made a real fuss of you in class)

  2. If you are in Year 8, or over 13 years, and would have been moving to an older class. We have four potential older classes (Mon 4.15pm at Harborough Theatre, Mon 7pm at Uppingham Church Rooms, Wed 5pm at Welland Park, Wed 7pm at Welland Park). Could you let us know your preference for which class you would like to move to? I can't make any guarantees as it will still be dependant on the size of those classes, but it would be really useful to know which class would suit you best so we can try and accommodate everyone. 

  3. If you are staying in your current class. Even if you plan to stay exactly where you are, can you please let Lisa know? Thank you so much. 


Show USBs


I currently have show USB's for the casts of "Them" and "An Open and Shut Case". I'm so sorry to not have been able to get them to you. If I'm in Harborough over the summer, I'll arrange a time for you to come and pick them up from me or otherwise I'll give them to you in September. 


We have a new policy where everyone gets a copy of the show, so you don't need to order it or pay for it, it's just a little gift from Parsnips to you. Some of the "Them" cast collected theirs just as we locked down, but for those who didn't get one, they are here with your name on!! 


I think that's everything, but I'll update you again with any changes or amendments. I'm aware that everything is still a bit unclear and amounts to a lot of words saying "we'll have to wait and see" but those do seem to be the times we're living in currently!! I will happily endeavour to answer any questions or queries and will be waiting with bated breath to see your gorgeous and much-missed faces in a few weeks time. 


I hope you have a sensational summer holiday. I adore you all.