Coronavirus Update

Dearest Parsnips, Parents, Guardians, assistants and friends,


I hope you are all well. Following my last e-mail, I just wanted to get in touch and update you on where we are at with everything in this funny old time. The good news is that we are definitely planning to re-start Parsnips on the 7th Sept - Hooray!! However, there are going to have to be some significant changes to how we run initially so could I please ask you to read this e-mail very carefully and get in touch if you have any questions or queries at all. 


Classes sizes


The current government guidelines are that clubs and groups may have no more than 15 attendees at a time. As a result, we are going to be splitting each class with a register larger than fifteen into two groups (A and B). These groups will meet once a fortnight. I realise this isn't ideal, but feel it would be better to see you all once every two weeks than not at all. I played with the idea of doing an hour each, but felt we'd struggle to fit in a decent lesson in that time, and also the cross over between groups would cause a bit of a headache and cut the time spent in the class even more. I feel this way we'll be getting a decent meet up albeit once a fortnight.


Class splits and registers will be sent out in the next two weeks once we've heard back from all members regarding their return and where they would like to be placed. 


Classes that are currently 15 members or less will be able to meet up every week as normal. 




There will be a few new safety measures which I will run through with students on their first day back. These will include the use of hand sanitizer, the wiping down of handles and surfaces before and after classes and only one student being allowed in the toilet at once. During the class we will be implementing reasonable social distancing measures (I know many of you are huggers but we'll have to forgo that for a while!!) with games and exercises that don't require touch and with teachers remaining two metres away from the students. 


Masks and Pick up


Whilst students will not have to wear masks during sessions, we do ask that if parent's need to pop in to chat to teachers at the beginning or end of the class they do wear a mask. This is both our policy and has been specifically requested by one of our venues, Harborough Theatre. We are also asking parents not to enter the buildings where classes are taking place at pick up. Please wait outside the building and we will bring the students outside to you. 


Track and Trace forms


In the last e-mail, we attached a form to be filled in regarding your up to date contact information, your place at Parsnips and the class you will be attending. Thank you to everyone who has already filled this in. If you haven't, we do need to receive it by the end of this week even if you are staying in the same class!  It is incredibly important that we can confirm we have the correct phone numbers and e-mail addresses for everyone attending. In addition, I want to make sure that students are in a group that works for them if I can. Also, I need to be firm on the numbers for each group. If a class has even 16 members I will need to split it, so it's really important that I know now exactly how many students are in each class before I contact you all with final groups. 


Moving up a group


There are a number of you who are eligible to move up a class and have requested the group you would like to move to. The current situation and class splits is making this all a bit complicated, so please bear with us. With a class of 25, I can, while there are two groups of 15 accept a few more into the groups at the moment, however when we integrate again this will mean we are over-subscribed in those classes. I am happy to accommodate everyone at present, but it will have to be on the basis that I may need to re-think things when we go back to a normal timetable. This is all new to us too and we will do our best.


In addition to this, many students who are moving up have asked to be in the older Monday class and as a result it is more than over-subscribed. I will be getting in touch with you individually to discuss options in the next couple of weeks and will do everything I can to make sure that students are in a group with friends and also one that works with their other commitments. 




Invoices will be going out a little later than usual so don't worry if you don't get it straight away. This is to allow for the changes we are putting in place, and also because we broke up two weeks before the end of term. As a result you have already paid for the first two weeks of term. 


Thank you


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the kind comments, supportive e-mails and general love that has been sent over the past few weeks. I've always said it, but it's never been more evident that the students and parents at Parsnips are some of the loveliest people in the world. It is so appreciated. Please know that we are all working hard to make sure that the members of Parsnips are safe, happy and where they need to be. However, we may need to beg even more patience from you as we try to get everything organised. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience. Please be assured that these changes are not permanent and we will be returning to normal as soon as government guidelines allow. 


As ever, if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Yours dramatically, 


Claire xxx



"Go for it, Risk, it, Follow your heart; Make life an adventure, Make it an Art".


PS Parsnips hoodies are still available on the website if anyone is in need of a cozy Parsnips hug as the weather cools! X