Big Trouble in Drowsy Bottom / Doctor What's Excellent Adventure

Big Trouble in Drowsy Bottom (The Memoirs of Ivan Theodore Thatcher)

When three burglars break into a semi-detatched house in a small village, in the middle of nowhere, Detective Cordelia Knight and Constable Ivan Theodore Thatcher are called in to catch the miscreants. However during their investigations they uncover a mystery more fantastical, horrific and intriguing than either one of them could ever have imagined. Will they ever get to the bottom of the mysterious murders in Drowsy Bottom? Will the burglars get away scot free? Will they ever make it out with their sanity in tact? One thing is for sure... this hilarious, fast-paced comedy from Parsnips Youth Theatre is not to be missed.

Doctor What's Excellent Adventure (The Farce Awakens)

When Doctor What and his plucky young sidekick invent time travel they open up a world of possibilities and begin an epic adventure. Whilst travelling through time in a portable toilet, they visit the defining moments in history and discover that they are often not what they've been led to believe. Parsnips Youth Theatre invite you to join the Doctor and Sidekick on their musical, bizarre, comedic and (sometimes) educational journey through space and time.

Dates: June 9th - 11th 2016

Times: June 9th and 10th at 7.15pm and June 11th at 2pm only